These two weeks on the Obelix ( the best boat ever without doubts:) were the best. I know what I’m talking about. I traveled a lot before. The island is wonderful calm place. But the island and the whole trip in general would not be so nice without the guys and boat. They showed me so many wonderful and beautiful places around Ilha grande. I did snorkling, swimming a lot and surfing ( I had a personal transfer boat to surfing spots by Obelix:) . At night it was an inexpressible beauty of plankton : when you are jumping into the water and it’s shining like sky full of stars :))) Sandro and Aureo are so nice guys! Very hospitable, open and kind people they are! They told me so many things about Brazil and people living there. Showed me a lot of beaches and places around. And one more, here on the boat my dream came true: I saw a whale!!! Thank you guys for this opportunity! Thanks for your help, your kindness and I will definitely miss our time together!!! .. Hope see you later…in Brazil… or somewhere else where the wind will blow! P.S Also you’ll never be hungry with them: they are great cooks and singers!!! I NEVER, NEVER forget your pasta and songs on the guitar! my kisses to you and Aureo also :))))